Anne Carter

Anne has had extensive experience as a midwife and has practiced as a nurse and midwife for over thirty years. During that time she has developed extensive expertise in the practical aspects of obstetric care and mothercraft skills, so vital in the first few months after delivery. After graduating, Anne worked at St Margaret’s Private Hospital and in 1997 moved over to Prince of Wales Private Hospital where she continues to practice in labour ward one night a week.

In 2007 Anne was named NSW and Australian midwife of the year and continues to receive acclaim as an accomplished and caring all-round midwife. In 2010 she joined Dr Hill’s practice and is actively involved in the day-to-day care of his patients. As part of our comprehensive obstetric care package, Anne see’s all of our patients and follows up with their post-natal care. She provides in hospital complementary visits with Dr Hill during the newborn period.

As a mother of five, Anne provides an excellent perspective on life and is a compassionate and excellent communicator.

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