Dr Hill has developed a number of relationships that support his practice and in turn support you as his patient. Please find below a list of these.

Ultrasound – Dr Hill performs preliminary ultrasounds in his own rooms. Detailed ultrasonic examinations are referred to Sydney Ultrasound for Women and Ultrasound Care for Women

Pathology – Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Pathology
SEALS Pathology in Randwick
Douglas HanlyMoir Pathology
Laverty’s Pathology

Pediatrics – Dr Hill is happy to advise and refer to a Pediatrician affiliated with the hospital of your choice if requested or needed.

Pregnancy Physiotherapist – The practice works with Physiotherapists – women’s health, pregnancy, postnatal, pelvic floor/bladder issues, Chiropracters and Acupuncturists in the Inner West and Easter Suburbs.

Antenatal Classes – Group Antenatal classes are available through the hospital you are booked into. This information is given out at your first antenatal visit. Private antenatal class information is available on request.

Breastfeeding – We work closely with Lactation Consultants at RPAH and POWP and private consultants. Referrals are available antenatal or postnatal if required or requested. Both Hospitals’ offer antenatal breast-feeding classes/workshops.

We also have information available for Calm-birth and Hypno-birthing workshop, Epidural information nights, Tens Machine hire/purchase, Cord Blood Donation – private and public.

Pregnancy massage, pilates, pregnancy exercise and yoga group information is available on request.

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