Dr. Hill delivers babies at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Prince of Wales Private covering a wide area of Sydney. He has rooms within walking distance of both hospitals and resides 15 minutes from either hospital making sure he is close at hand when you are in labour. He provides a 24-hour obstetric service ensuring a high probability that he will be in attendance at your birth whether it is during the night or on weekends. Should Dr. Hill be on leave or attending other duties, he will provide you with an experienced Locum.

On booking Dr. Hill, you can expect to see him 10 – 12 times throughout the pregnancy. After your initial consultation he will see you every 4 weeks until you are 28 weeks then fortnightly until the last four weeks of your pregnancy when he will see you weekly. Should there be any adverse issues, the number of consultations may increase.

Your initial consultation will involve a dating ultrasound in his rooms, an examination, the documentation of your medical history and a discussion of how you would like to proceed with your pregnancy including certain screening tests and diagnostic investigations and the beginning of a birth plan.

Upon your initial booking with us, we will book you into the hospital of your choice. It is recommended that you visit the labor ward and/or birth center to familiarize yourself with the space that you will later be giving birth in.

Throughout your consultations, Dr. Hill will take the utmost care in monitoring your pregnancy and guiding you should any problems arise. He will prepare you for the birth of your baby, discussing your preferences and what assistance may be required in the case of an emergency. It is Dr. Hill’s priority that he is familiar with your birth plan and is committed to giving you the birth that you wish for.

After your birth, Dr. Hill will visit you daily whilst you are in hospital for follow-up care, ensuring that any problems that may arise are immediately dealt with. Six weeks after the birth of your baby you will have your post-natal consultation with him in his rooms.

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